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Scottish Government - Animal By Products Certificate

Animal By Products certificate certificate The current EU ABP Regulation (EC/1774/2002) controls the use and disposal of animal by-products (i.e. entire bodies, parts of animals, and products of animal origin not intended for human consumption). The regulation has a very wide scope covering all animal products including meat, fish, milk and eggs when they are not intended for human consumption and other products of animal origin including blood, hides, feathers, some shells, wool, bones, horns and hoofs.  [CLICK] to view this certificate

BSI PAS 100 Certificate

BSI PAS 100 certificate This is the national compost benchmark - the minimum requirements for the process of composting, the selection of materials from which compost is made and even how it is labelled. BSI PAS 100 stands for the British Standards Institution's Publicly Available Specification for composted material. This specification was launched in November 2002 and was developed joinly by WRAP and The Association for Organics Recycling (formerly the Composting Association).  [CLICK] view tothis certificate

SEPA Certificate of Registration

Grays Recycling Services SEPA Registration Certificate An Act to make provision for implementing Council Directive 96/61/EC and for otherwise preventing and controlling pollution; to make provision about certain expired or expiring disposal or waste management licences; and for connected purposes. [27th July 1999]  [CLICK] to view this certificate

SEPA PPC - Permit to Operate

Permit to Operate document An Act to provide for the registration of carriers of controlled waste and to make further provision with respect to the powers exercisable in relation to vehicles shown to have been used for illegal waste disposal. [6th July 1989]   [CLICK] to view this certificate

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